Skiing Area

The Åre skiing area is the biggest skiing area north of the Alps and with its 100km of slope system it challenges both beginners and experienced skiers. Åre guarantees snow and skiing from half of December until the half of May. Where on darker days, the slopes system is illuminated, later on in the season the lifts are open longer because of the late sundown. Åre also offers evening skiing.
Some special features in the slope system:

–       Åre Mountain Lodge is located in the Åre Björnen area, an area designed with in mind the winter wonderland dreams of children and the needs of their parents
–       Bräcke Parken is the place to be for freeriders in need of jumps, half-pipes, rails and lots of other stuff to show skills. You can even race your friends at the skicross or at the slalom track
–       Åre has huge offpiste opportunities. Swaying between the trees, jumping cliffs, gliding through powder snow, etc. Especially ‘Baksidan’ (the backside of Mount Åreskutan) is a beautiful offpiste area.

If you choose to go offpiste, we strongly recommend a guide!


[highlight bg=”#e8e6d3″ color=”#000000″]Pistes Åre: 28 groen, 38 blauw, 40 rood en 4 zwart.[/highlight]